Your Testimony

Read Acts 26:1-29
Your story of how you came to faith is powerful. No-one can argue with it, it’s your story! Paul in today’s passage is on trial, before a Roman king called Agrippa and he tells his story.
Every good story has 3 parts – a beginning a middle and an end. In Acts 26 Paul began with what his life was like before he met Christ. Then he talked simply and logically about how he met Christ and then he finished with what his life is like now – it was challenging to Agrippa, who asked “In a short while, would you persuade me to be a Christian?”
Why not write out your testimony. You can frame it around these questions…

Beginning: Before you met Christ, what were some of your needs, what was lacking, or what was missing in your life? What solutions did you try?

Middle: What were the circumstances that caused you to consider Christ? Tell how you trusted Christ, and briefly include the gospel.

After: Give an example of how Christ met your needs or how He is now contributing to your life.

Pray: for the Lord to help you write your testimony and ask for an opportunity to share it with someone else this week.

Recommended extra reading

The Hiding Place (Corrie Ten Boom)

One of the best Christian testimony books written - the story of Corrie Ten Boom, whose failing sheltered Jews during the Nazi occupation of the Netherlands and ended up in Auschwitz.

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