Thank God it’s Monday! We were created with a capacity to work and provide for ourselves and our families.

Read 2 Thess 3:6-14

Some of the people in the church in Thessalonica were getting so excited that Jesus might return that they were giving up work and being lazy. Paul gives them short shrift! Warn the idle – if a man will not work, he shall not eat. Notice it is ‘will’ not ‘doesn’t’. We must care for and provide for those who cannot work for whatever reason. But the lazy person who doesn’t want to work but can, gets rebuked!

In the letter to the Colossians, chapter 3:23-24, Paul urges them to work as if they were working for the Lord not their human bosses. We are called to work hard, work well, work as if God is the boss – that’s a fantastic witness. A believer who does a shoddy job but is always talking about the Lord does more harm than good.
Work is not just about earning a living, it carries a deeper calling and satisfaction that flows from doing a good job and making a difference in the world.

Work is also a place of covert mission! Sometimes we get to live a kingdom lifestyle obviously when we pray for others, but at work that is usually not appropriate – so we go Jehovah Sneaky! We can reflect God’s kingdom without being obviously overt – we can be salty, bringing godly flavour to our workplaces. An example is encouraging people who are doing a good job even if it is normally overlooked completely like the cleaner.

Pray: Ask God to bless your work and workplace and for opportunities to serve God by doing a good job and bringing the kingdom.

Recommended extra reading

Called to influence (Karen Kircher)

Does your work place matter to God? Is full time ministry just for those who work for the Church? Many of us are positioned in full-time ministry without realising it because that ministry occurs outside of the church. In any given situation every person has the opportunity, to demonstrate leadership and transform their work culture.

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