Winner not a sinner

Many Christians live in a cycle of despair and defeat. It goes like this: old habits die hard; temptation comes; you mess up yet again; you feel totally useless, condemned even. Then you confess your sin and repeat the whole process. Where is the freedom? Where is the joy?

Read Romans 7:7-8:1

This passage does not describe the normal Christian life. It is a miserable life under the law, aware of God’s goodness and His requirements and only finding the law is like a nagging spouse you can’t get away from. The law only points out your faults without lifting a finger to help. Praise God we have died! We are no longer married to Mr Law, we have an altogether better husband – Jesus!

So therefore there is now no condemnation – if you feel condemned then that is from the devil, not God. The Spirit makes us aware of what displeases the Lord so we can stop it and run to Him. But we are no longer condemned.

So the first key to winning not sinning is to know you are no longer condemned and wretched, even when you mess up.

The second key is that you have died! Your old sinful self is dead and buried – so you must consider yourself dead to sin and alive to Jesus Christ (Romans 6:11). Because of that sin is no longer in charge. So stop letting it reign.

Lastly James tells us to draw near to God, to resist the devil (James 4:7-8)

Pray: Thank God that we are more than conquerors.

Recommended extra reading

God's Lavish Grace (Terry Virgo)

This is a great book about the grace of God. In his early years as a Christian, Terry Virgo experienced ''zealous but rather condemnation-driven Christianity''. Then, one day, he explains, ''I began to grasp the wonder of God's glorious grace. I gave myself to fresh study, and then began to preach God's grace with new freedom, joy and certainty, having personally experienced the complete transformation of my own Christian life.

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