Under Grace

The Grace of God is the unmerited favour of God. What we couldn’t do to be righteous, Jesus has given us freely and keeps on giving.
Suppose I was to steal your bike and you catch me.

  • If I go to jail, I got what I deserved and that is justice
  • If you set me free, I do not get what I deserve and that is mercy
  • If you set me free and give me the bike. I get what I don’t deserve and that is grace.

That is a picture of our lives before we came to Christ. We were sinners and deserving of judgement and wrath. God loves us so much that He sent Jesus to the world to come and die in our place and to defeat sin and death by rising again. When we put our trust in that, we became born again – our old self died and we became a new creation.

Read Romans 8:1-4

The Apostle Paul explains it again another way with the Law, the law of sin and death and the law of the Spirit of life.
i) The Law is all the Old Testament Law including the 10 commandments.
ii) The law of sin and death is that natural law of life that means that temptation usually leads to sinning and sinning always leads to death.
iii) The law of the Spirit is what Christians are under – grace and empowerment by the Holy Spirit.

Pray: Thank God for grace and the law of the Spirit of life.

Recommended extra reading

God's Lavish Grace (Terry Virgo)

This is a great book about the grace of God. In his early years as a Christian, Terry Virgo experienced ''zealous but rather condemnation-driven Christianity''. Then, one day, he explains, ''I began to grasp the wonder of God's glorious grace. I gave myself to fresh study, and then began to preach God's grace with new freedom, joy and certainty, having personally experienced the complete transformation of my own Christian life.

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