The Kingdom of God

The kingdom of God is the wonderful rule and reign of God. Whenever someone becomes a Christian, is set free from oppression, or gets healed, the kingdom of darkness is being pushed back and the kingdom of God extended. Jesus brought the kingdom and it will fully come when He returns. In the meantime, it is ever growing!
Read Matthew 4:23; Rev 5:9-10
The Matthew verse shows how Jesus inaugurated the kingdom and the Revelation passage speaks of the end when Jesus returns finally banishing all that is evil and we get to rule and reign in a new heaven on earth.
Meanwhile we get to bring the kingdom as we go about our daily lives. Here are seven signs of the kingdom coming from the book of Isaiah.

Kingdom Sign Bible Passage What it looks like
Deliverance and Salvation Isaiah 61:1 Leading people to Jesus and freedom in Him
Righteousness and justice Isaiah 32:1,16 Poor looked after
Peace Isaiah 9:6, 32:17 Binding the broken hearted
Joy Isaiah 9:3 Normal kingdom life is Romans 14:17
God’s Presence Isaiah 61:1 Filled with the Spirit
Healing Isaiah 35:5-6 Healing the sick
Comfort Isaiah 51:3 Comfort the mourning

Everything that is the opposite of those signs is our target. So where there is no justice, we aim to bring justice. Where there is sickness, we pray for healing. We have the anointing of the Spirit to extend the kingdom (Isa 61:1)
Pray for power and opportunities to extend the Kingdom of God.

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