The Church

The local church is the hope of the whole world. Communities of people of every age, race, background and social status united around Jesus Christ and what he has done for us, are a powerful force for extending the wonderful rule and reign of God.

Read Acts 2:42-46

Today’s passage is how those 3,000 brand new believers on the day of Pentecost joined with the 120 disciples to form the church in Jerusalem. They devoted themselves to 4 things – the apostles’ teaching, the fellowship, breaking of bread and prayer.

The result of that devotion was awe and miracles being done. That first church required radical generosity to care for each other. Pentecost was a big Jewish festival when nearly a million Jews travelled from all over the world to celebrate the feast. The 3,000 who became Christians stayed to get rooted in the faith – many of them wouldn’t have been local and were relying on the hospitality of local believers – so they had to hold all things in common and sell possessions to make sure every need was met. Although not usually operating in such a crisis mode, church families are generous in looking after each other.

They met frequently, even daily in each other’s homes in small groups and all together in the large Temple courts. The church was praising God and eating together and growing in the faith together. It was contagious and kept growing.

Churches seek to be like that – full of passion, love and care for one another.

Pray: for your new found church to be an Acts 2 church.

Recommended extra reading

Spirit Filled Church (Terry Virgo)

This is an exerlant little book, a kind of gold standard for churches. Although we will never find the perfect church on earth , this book points to the way ahead we need Spirit filled churches to meet the huge needs in the uk today, and indeed all over the world.

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