We live in a sex-saturated society that is profoundly different from the values of the Bible. The topic of human sexuality is a thorny one. We all have a past before coming to Christ and so we all need God’s grace and empowering for living, especially in the area of sexuality. God invented sex! God’s first command to Adam and Eve, was to be fruitful and increase in number.

Read Gen 1:27-28

God’s intention is that a man and a woman come together in marriage – leaving parents and cleaving together to become “one flesh”. The sexual act is not just physical it has a spiritual dimension around the intimacy that means it’s a spiritual union. All sex outside a marriage of husband and wife is sinful. Because sex has a spiritual and emotional dimension as well as the pleasurable physical act, there is much pain and heartache that occurs when we stray from God’s design.

The temptation to be gratified sexually in wrong ways is strong. Yet 1 Cor 10:13 tells us the temptation is not too strong and God provides a way out.

If you are not married – the Lord would urge you to wait. If you are in an un-married sexual relationship, stop sleeping together and think through getting married. If you are attracted to people of the same sex, the Lord is calling you to savour Him more than gratifying your sexuality. Your identity is not gay, being a saint is a deeper identity. Sam Alberry, a same sex attracted and celibate Christian, has written helpfully on this.
This is a big subject for a single page – know this: God’s grace is bigger than your mess.

Pray: Ask for the Lord’s guidance in this area of your Christian walk.

Recommended extra reading

Sex and Money (Paul David Tripp)

This is one of the most crucial things for any Christian to get to grips with. If we understand how God speaks, then we can truly know him. Everything else slots into place. We see Jesus clearly. We fall in love with him more deeply. We make sense of our world. But get this wrong and we lose it all. This book covers the whole sweep of the subject from start to finish. It puts all the parts of the jigsaw in their proper place. Yet, mixing our metaphors, it's also an appetizer, whetting your palate for more.

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