Jesus came to serve not to be served and he modelled servant leadership. Our culture loves to lord it over others, look down on others and expect more from others.

We are called to a radical servanthood lifestyle. When God created mankind, our call was to enjoy relationship with God and rule over creation (Gen 2:15). At first that was joyful and perfect, but when Adam and Eve disobeyed, serving one another was messed up (Gen 3:15-16). The Father sent Jesus to remedy and restore mankind. He was the “suffering servant” (Isa 53) who became God’s “Chosen Servant” (Matt 12:18). He served us by dying for us and rising again.

Read Phil 2:3-8

Jesus, although equal to the Father, didn’t grasp for position and status, humbling himself and becoming a servant. He calls us to the same attitude of serving others.

Think about what that would look like in your household, the church family and your workplace.
Giving of service is born out of love which leads to a cheerfulness in action – watch out for grumbling and complaining as your serve others (2 Cor 9:7)

Pray: Ask the Lord for opportunities to serve others today.

Recommended extra reading

Scattered Servants (Alan Scott)

Through the power of the Holy Spirit, Scott argues that every believer, not just the leaders, can fill their city, workplace, and family with the beauty and power of Christ. When believers become scattered servants, the Holy Spirit will equip them to advance the kingdom and change lives through their hearts and hands.

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