Not Under Law

The media portrayal of Christianity is a bunch of miserable do-gooders living under a set of rules and regulations with all the fun taken out. Christianity is reduced to a list of “Thou shall nots…” The truth is that you and I have been chosen by God, rescued by Jesus and set free to enjoy fellowship with God through the Holy Spirit.

We are not under the Law. The Old Testament Law was given to Israel during the time of Moses to regulate what being the people of God looked like. Over time people added to the Law so that by the time Jesus came the commentary on the Law was 6200 pages long!

Read Romans 7:1-6

People who became Christians from a Jewish background started out under the Law. Non-Jewish Christians were never under the Law itself, but we had an awareness of right and wrong naturally, but chose to ignore it (Romans 1:18-19)

When we became a Christian, everything that happened to Jesus was made true of you too (theologians use the word “imputed”). Because he died, your old self died. He was buried, your old self was buried. He rose again, therefore you have risen again.

Today’s passage tells us that the Old Testament Law was only active while someone was still alive. Because we have died with Christ, the Old Testament Law no longer applies, we have been released from it. Life is not a matter of struggling to follow the Law. We now have the Spirit of God in residence guiding us.
Pray: Thank God for the new way of the Spirit. Ask Him to fill you afresh to know and follow God better.

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