Living a kingdom lifestyle

Over the last few days we have seen how the kingdom of God is the beautiful rule and reign of God that started with the coming of Christ and will be fully realised when Jesus returns. In the meantime, we get to extend the kingdom of God through deliverance and salvation, bringing righteousness and justice, peace, joy, the presence of God, comfort and healing.
Living a kingdom lifestyle is an adventure of faith. It’s living looking for divine appointments and opportunities to bless others, bring the kingdom and lead people to faith in Jesus.

Read Acts 10:38

Jesus is our model for living a kingdom lifestyle – He was anointed with the Holy Spirit by the Father and went around doing good and healing.

1) Cultivate a close relationship with God. Jesus only did what He saw the Father doing. Spend time with the Lord, listening to his promptings to be a blessing to others.
2) The kingdom is like a beautiful multi-faceted diamond – one day you can bring comfort to a grieving friend, the next have a word of knowledge for a shop cashier. Be ready to bring the kingdom in anyway the Lord directs.
3) Be motivated by love, smile and introduce yourself!
4) Be courageous – pray for boldness like the early church Acts 4:29-30.
5) Have fun – don’t put yourself under pressure to perform. Enjoy yourself!

Pray: Ask the Spirit for courage, boldness and promptings to lead a kingdom lifestyle.

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