How to share your faith part 2

Read John 3:16

Let’s continue with the 3 circles, so you know how to share your faith simply.
Now draw the third circle and put a cross in it. Explain how Jesus came down, lived a perfect life and was killed on a cross for our mess. He rose again defeating death.

Ask them which of the top circles they are in at the moment. We get to be in God’s love by going through Jesus. Draw a line down to the bottom circle – we have to turn to Jesus and believe that he died for us.
We have to make Jesus the king of our lives and then he puts us right where we are meant to be – in the centre of His love.
Ask them “what’s holding you back?” Sometimes they will say they need to get cleaned up first – but that is like getting clean before taking a shower!
If they are ready to move to God’s circle help them with a simple prayer
My life is broken and I know it is because of my sin. Thank you Jesus for dying for me. I turn from my sin and mess to you Jesus. Please forgive me and be the King of my life now. Amen

Practice the 3 circles and pray for an opportunity to use it with a friend.

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