How to share your faith part 1

Making disciples requires us to connect with people, share the good news about Jesus, answer any questions and bring them to a point of connecting with God through Jesus.
Read Romans 6:23
The Gospel is very simple. Essentially you need to share four things
i. God loves you ii. We have messed up – doing, saying and thinking wrong stuff iii. Jesus came and died for you iv. You need to turn to Jesus and follow Him.
We love using the 3 circles to explain! Check out this video to see it inaction.

Grab a sheet of paper and draw the first circle with a crack in it – that represents brokenness – the brokenness of the world and our own personal brokenness.

Draw a second circle with a heart in it representing God’s perfect plan and how He loves us. Explain how good the world should be. Draw a line from the left hand circle to right hand one.
The reason why there is such brokenness is that we have all run from God, preferring sin – doing, saying and thinking things that are wrong. Then draw some lines coming out and bouncing back – we keep trying to escape our brokenness, but it is like a bungee cord and we bounce back. Tomorrow we look at the answer!

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