Hearing God’s Voice

Read Acts 2:17-21

Being able to hear God for ourselves is our inheritance as Christians. In today’s passage we discover we can hear God if we are male or female and young or old. That just about covers everyone!
Prophecy is an umbrella term for the different ways we can hear from God in addition to reading the Bible, the primary source of divine revelation. God speaks through dreams, visions, words of knowledge, prophetic words, circumstances, angelic visitations and many other ways.

1 Corinthians 14:1-25 gives lots of guidance about prophetic revelation.
Firstly we are exhorted to eagerly desire the gift of prophecy. Verse 3 tells us the purpose of prophetic revelation.

  • Strengthening – to build people up
  • Encouragement – which literally means to put courage in
  • Comfort – to bring care and comfort when people are struggling
  • V19 adds instruction – explaining what God is doing.

Because any prophecy we bring is a mix of us and the Lord, every prophecy needs to be weighed or tested. Does it line up with what the Bible already says? Does it feel right? Do other Christians agree this is helpful?

Pray: Spend time listening to the Lord as you pray and see what he says in pictures, a Scripture or other ways, jotting it in your notebook.

Recommended extra reading

Surprised by the voice of God (Jack Deere)

This is a helpful book on the different ways that we can begin to hear God's voice for ourselves.

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