Epilogue – Created for a purpose

Read Eph 2:8-10

We have come to the end of “forty-two” – 42 days of laying the foundations of your new found faith! Well done – keep pressing into God with prayer and reading the Bible as often as you can.
Today’s reading reminds us that we have been saved by grace – it’s not your efforts or works, it is a free gift of God for you to enjoy relationship with Him. You don’t have to earn God’s favour by doing things. You get to do them from His favour and in His power.
We have also been created for a purpose – to do good works that God has prepared beforehand. Just think, today and tomorrow there are the things the Lord has in store for you to do. Opportunities to bless people in your home and workplace. Opportunities to help disciple others in the faith journey with Jesus.

The pattern for the Christian life is this
1) Passionately pursue God – enjoy relationship with Him for yourself
2) Connect with people – be a good friend and neighbour!
3) Share the Gospel – use the 3 circles or another method.
4) Make disciples – take them through this book and encourage them in their walk with God
5) Train everyone to do 1 to 5! Pass it on!

Every blessing in Christ as you walk with Him.

Recommended extra reading

Life on a Mission (Aaron Coe & Dustin Willis)

Life on Mission gives gospel-centered, biblical, practical foundations for how missions was meant to be: an everyone-together effort. Life on Mission is a thorough yet simple guide for everyday missionaries--electricians, lawyers, church planters, students, etc.--that equips them with truths and practices for living out the gospel within their own community. Adaptable to any context, Life on Mission functions great as both an individual and small-group study. Threaded with engaging stories and probing reflection questions, Life on Mission will help you and your community take bold steps to living life on mission.

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