Read Acts 2:42-47

The word devoted in the New Testament’s original language has four shades of meaning. It was used to mean…
“to cling to” – like a dog clings to its’ owner
“to stand ready” like soldiers on guard duty
“to focus” – to make a priority for action
“to give particular attention” to.

The early church were devoted to four things: the apostles’ teaching, fellowship, breaking of bread and prayer.

The apostles’ teaching was the deposit that Jesus left behind. He’d promised that the Spirit would bring to remembrance all that he had taught and on the Emmaus Road in Luke 24, he had explained to two disciples how the whole of the Bible was about Him.

Fellowship is a Christian word that implies friendship and community life. It’s so much more than coffee and chitchat. It’s a deep sharing of life together centred on the Gospel.

Breaking of bread – at the last supper before Jesus was arrested, Jesus told believers to share bread together to symbolise his body being broken on the cross and to share some wine to symbolise his blood shed for us. It’s a powerful symbolic act that helps us to remember it’s all about the cross.

Prayer – the believers were devoted to praying together. Their prayer meetings were exciting, in fact on occasions the room shook like an earthquake as the Spirit empowered them to be bold with their faith (Acts 4)

Recommended extra reading

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