Have you just become a Christian?

Then forty-two is for you!

Christianity is a relationship with God through Jesus Christ. So over the next 42 days, we want to help you get into the habit of spending some time with the Lord daily. Each day, Forty-two provides a short reading from the Bible, some explanation and a suggestion for prayer. You can get it from the book, the app or delivered to your inbox by email.

You will find out about repentance, faith, baptism in water and the Spirit, grace, your new identity in Christ, how to pray, how to understand the Bible, how to get plugged into Church, spiritual gifts like prophecy and living a Kingdom lifestyle.

The Christian faith works best when we are part of a local church, so you can find someone or a small group to mentor you in your forty-two journey.

You can buy the book, use the app, or on this website.

Church Leaders

Check out our church leaders page for a mentors guide, other resources and to sign up free for the chat feature on the app.

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